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October 30, 2010

a few things boy should knoe about girl.
Ok Girls like to be treated with respect!!!!!!!!! We hate to be talked to like we are stupid just because we are a girl.

We hate it when we are completely ignored when we are at a party or on a date and your friends are around. meaning don't take off with your friends and leave us standing there with a bunch of strangers.

We like it when a man can hold a conversation with us that has nothing to do with sex.

We like to know that we can trust our man no matter what so don't be eyeballing every thing that walks in front of you while you are out with your girl.

A girl is looking for a partner in life not a boss.

Yes we want a man that will work, and the security of knowing he can take care of us if needed but he needs to understand that money alone will not keep a relationship
It is the quality of the time the two of you share together.

We watch the way you treat your mother so treat her good, but be willing to stand up to her if she is out of line.

We need to know that we can count on you. meaning don't break a date with your girl to go to a football game with your buds.

We don't like it when guys tell us what to wear and who we can talk to and jealousy is a huge clue that we need to get rid of a guy.

We want to know we can trust you and that you trust us.
Don't sit around and talk degradingly about women.
Don't talk crap about our friends. believe me we will see it alot faster if we are not defensive.

Don't think that you can run off doing what ever you want to and think she is going to sit at home by the phone waiting for you to call if you can go hang with your friends she can to.

There I gave you a few things you should know about girls

But there is one more thing you should know. We may forgive, but we never forget anything. You will be paying for what you do twenty years from now so make sure your mess ups are little.

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